Linen and Laundry Services

Riverdale Hospitality Inc. provides Commercial Laundry exceptional service to an exclusive range of companies. We carry only superior brand washer / dryer and heavy duty commercial laundry and fabricate equipment for all laundry applications.

We are a privately owned and professionally operated commercial laundry service provider with a deeply respected name in the hospitality industry. Hotels count on Riverdale every day to deliver the same impeccable level of service they provide to their own guests.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer you the latest in premium, energy-efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment, customer support, and service.

“And to be the best service provider in any category providing services to hotels in the Greater Toronto Area.”

Hotels / Motels

Our Industrial washer-extractors are engineered to help save on linen replacement costs, save energy, save water, and lower your total cost of ownership.

  • At Riverdale, we recognize that hotel guests have rapidly changing needs when travelling. We are also very sensitive to the dynamic and unique requirements of our hotel clients. With us, small issues are handled at the root before they escalate; we embrace strong client relationships with a proactive approach with planning.
  • Riverdale uses sustainable practices while processing up to 20,000 lbs. of laundry daily, making us the largest private commercial laundry service provider in the Greater Toronto Area.


From hotel bed sheets to scrubs to rented uniforms, companies in every industry imaginable are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their textile management processes. Riverdale RFID Readers guarantee accurate delivery – essentially eliminating shortages.

Riverdale RFID’s Reader and Verification Software gives us the confidence that we are returning the correct items to each client. The software compares what was read at the first scan in our system to what is in each clean bundle ready for delivery to our customer. If the bundle is complete and contains the correct items- “Order Complete” is displayed on the monitor. If there is a discrepancy it is reflected on the monitor so it can be addressed.

With ISO compliant multi-read, high frequency (13.56MHz) technology it is possible to read an entire bundle at once. ISO compliance allows you to read nearly any ISO 15693 high frequency tag making it a safe investment. A bundle with 11 pieces can be read in less than five seconds. The operator simply moves the bundle to the reader. If the order is complete it moves on. If it is incomplete or over the operator is notified and a discrepancy ticket is produced to assist in correcting the issue.

Productivity at the bundle reader is approximately 3,000 pieces per hour, including the processing of bundles with discrepancies and moving them out.


  • Scan all pieces in the bundle at oncerf
  • Read an entire bundle in seconds
  • Provides data to proactively address perceived shortages
  • Verify 3,000 pieces per hour
  • Verify what the customer receives
  • Ensures 100% delivery
  • bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows, etc.)

What Can RFID Laundry Tracking Do for You?

With an RFID laundry management system, RFID tags are attached to each piece of laundry, and when the RFID tags move through the wash process, an RFID reader sends an interrogating signal and reads the tags. When each tag is read, the software determines what type of textile is being read, and directs it to the proper area or machine. The software’s findings can be displayed on a screen.

Provide Accurate Wash Count Records

The laundry wash cycle per linen is an important metric, as wash cycle analytics help predict the end-of-life date for the item. Most linens can only withstand a certain number of high powered wash cycles before they start to wear and fray. It becomes difficult to estimate the item’s end-of-life date with no records of wash cycle counts, which makes it hard to plan for the reordering of replacements.

When garments or linens are released from the washing machines, RFID readers detect the RFID tags sewn into the fabric. Next, the wash cycle count will be updated in the software database. When the software detects that a garment or linen is nearing its end-of-life date, the software can prompt users to reorder that type of garment or linen. This process ensures that the company always has stock of each garment or linen needed, therefore reducing lag time if one is lost or destroyed.

Provide Visibility into Inventory Quickly and Easily.

RFID tags sewn into each textile help us to take inventory faster, more efficiently, and daily. RFID readers take a continuous inventory to help accurately indicate where linens are. Counting inventory with RFID also helps our clients keep an inventory before the linens leave the property as well as when they return ensures that there is no loss in the laundering process. Our RFID system with software can provide a custom database that not only stores the important information, but also prompts the company when the life span date is nearing. Improves customer relations

Quality Customer service

Overall Value

Quality at Riverdale is entirely about delivering exceptional consistent service. Naturally, this includes best-in-class Quality Assurance measures in our workroom and flatwork areas but also during the points in our service cycle where we are not laundering. That is why we:

  • manage our own fleet of trucks and drivers with GPS tracking
  • provide technology systems ensuring accuracy of our invoices
  • provide customer access to those invoices and data points

Outside of ensuring quality operations, the single most important part of our business is customer service. Our ambassadors of this commitment are our Account Managers.
Our Managers:

  • Visit with their customers frequently whether called upon or not
  • Use software to manage contacts, service details and case history to keep service related information flowing from customer to facility
  • Utilize smartphones and tablets to communicate with customers and facility managers. Have a wealth of experience in both hotel and laundry operations.

We understand the flexibility that needs to exist in our operations to accommodate the dynamic needs of our customers. Our executive team meets daily to discuss service issues, trends and solutions

When considering a laundry services provider, the cost per lb. or piece is just the beginning. Having a stable and consistent provider delivering first class services allows our customers to enjoy predictable labor costs resulting from on-time deliveries excellent quality resulting in little to no guest complaints.

So, while our upfront cost of service may or may not be more expensive, the premium is quickly returned to our customers in the quality of our overall service.

Why Choose Us?100

Our 100 % satisfaction guarantee Flexible, reliable and dependable laundry service              
Hand checked all linens, minimizing rejects and giving you peace of mind
Our large capacity washers and dryers help us maintain fast turnaround time
State of the art washing extractors that removes oil, stains and odors

We can provide pickup and delivery as part of our service
Locally based so can deliver in urgent situations

Riverdale Hospitality Inc. is a growing company, with a boutique mindset providing the hiring and laundering of a wide range of the highest quality linens for the hospitality industry. We have state of the art, large capacity industrial washing extractors, dryers and pressing machinery with specific wash programmer cycles, carefully developed for different textiles and soiling levels. Together with the use of premium quality detergents, grease emulsifiers and stain removing agents provide optimum cleaning results. We believe our knowledge of the business, the industry and our clients’ needs, combined with our fast turnaround time places us second to none.

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