Parking Services

Riverdale Hospitality will manage your parking garage to deliver proven results by reducing expenses and streamlining your operation.

With Riverdale Hospitality, you will have the confidence of knowing that your facility is managed by a team dedicated to great service and personalized hospitality!

We are delighted to offer numerous services to our partners to enable you to maximize your property’s value and attract more tenants or guests while enhancing your revenues and profitability.  To outline just a few of the services we offer within our management division:

  • Clean, safe and well-run facilities
  • Lighting retrofitting for brighter, more energy-efficient operation
  • Central monitoring service for Revenue Equipment
  • Opportunities to place advertisements on your display surfaces
  • Phone payment technology
  • Aggressive revenue-creation programs that maximize your financial results
  • A hands-on approach to controlling expenses with an eye on the bottom line

Please contact Riverdale Hospitality for more information on how we can assist in improving your building parking assets.

TEL:  (416) 232 2626
E: [email protected]

We will be delighted to assist!